Iran: Deal of the century?

As most of the world knows, the US and Iranian negotiators have reached a deal on the nuclear situation with Iran. As predictable, the US right wing has not embraced the deal at all. If anything, they will do everything within their power to nix the deal.

Bilateral Nuclear Talks - Ernest Moniz-John Kerry-Mohammad Javad Zarif-Ali Akbar Salehi
Ernest Moniz and John Kerry with Mohammad Javad Zarif and Ali Akbar Salehi, in Lausanne by United States Department of State [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
These people arrogantly act as if there were two parties to the negotiations, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States of America, but in reality it was a deal with a group known as the P5+1 (for those that are confused, this group is composed by the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, namely China, Russia, France, the UK, the US, plus Germany). The deal was worked out with the participation of all players and does incorporate a number of major Iranian concessions, including a dramatic two-thirds reduction in the number of centrifuges, dismantling about 97 percent of their low-enriched uranium stockpile, completely abandoning the production of plutonium and the most invasive inspections regime in the world.


John Boehner
U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner by Gage Skidmore (Flickr: John Boehner) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The American right wing is pushing that these are not sufficient to make sure that Iran will not acquire a nuke bomb in the future, and they have attacked this deal relentlessly since the deal was announced. The problem with their attacks are hollow.  No deal would have been acceptable to these hawks in the Congress.

Back in 2013, GOP icon Henry Kissinger and Ed Schultz wrote an op-ed about what the GOP would find acceptable for a deal with Iran, and there conditions were as follows: “a strategically significant reduction in the number of centrifuges, restrictions on its installation of advanced centrifuges and a foreclosure of its route toward a plutonium-production capability. Activity must be limited to a plausible civilian program subject to comprehensive monitoring as required by the Non-Proliferation Treaty.”

Hassan Rouhani2
President of Iran Hassan Rouhani by مرتضی انصاری (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Their conditions are pretty much what Tehran agreed to in its negotiations with the US, but now these conditions are unacceptable. What the Neocons want is basically Iranian blood, such unacceptable conditions as zero fuel enrichment for any reason, recognition of Israel, no lifting of sanctions and even harsher sanctions. They know that none of these will be acceptable to Iran and that can be used to try and defeat the deal before it even gets a chance to work.

Now there is a compromise in the US Senate, a bi-partisan group of senators have come up with a bill dealing with the possibility of this treaty. It sounds like a compromise and it smells like a compromise but it is just another attempt to scuttle this deal. The media is all over this as some sort of good thing for Washington to have such bi-partisan work, but buried deep in the bill is a clause that deals with state sponsored terrorism, something the Islamic Republic has been accused of since 1979. This portion can be used to nullify the deal at any point.

The ratifying of this treaty has a long way to go and its opponents will be sniping at it all along the road.  During this time Israel will be exercising all its muscle within the US Congress to get this deal axed and with an election looming that could spell disaster for this deal.

Barack Obama and Benyamin Netanyahu
U.S. President Barack Obama with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahuby Pete Souza (White House (P032013PS-0408)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When told of the Congressional compromise Israel has this to say:

Israel is pleased at a compromise deal on Iran achieved between the United States Congress and the administration of President Barack Obama, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Wednesday.

“We are certainly happy this morning. This is an achievement for Israeli policy,” Steinitz told Israel Radio, citing a March 3 speech by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress in which he argued against a then-emerging framework agreement with Tehran on curbing its nuclear program.  (Reuters)

This news should eliminate any doubt that this compromise will spell disaster for an agreement: if Jerusalem approves it, cannot be good for the deal.

The end game for the GOP is too stop any progress of the Obama presidency and embarrass his work on the international stage.


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  1. GM says:

    By the way, someone should inform the 47 signers of the letter reminding “the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran” of the prerogative of the U.S. Senate when it comes to ratifying international treaties that, evidently, they sent it to the wrong address. In fact, the organ which first approves such treaties is the Supreme Council for National Security (whose current secretary is former defense minister Ali Shamkhani), not Rouhani nor the Supreme Leader.

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    1. lobotero says:

      Our foreign policy makers in the Congress are idiots…….they are too thick to learn anything at all…..


  2. lobotero says:

    Reblogged this on In Saner Thought and commented:
    This is my second article I wrote for the site Legationes….a great group please stop by their blog and give them a look….you will not be disappointed……enjoy and let me know your thoughts….chuq

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  3. Could the friction generated by a potential agreement has less to do with a desire to spoil Obama’s legacy/improve GOP chances to take the presidency in 2016, and is more about maintaining control of the massive energy resources of the Middle East – in particular how profits from their sale are directed, to a handful of billiionaires or evenly among the people? One can’t forget that in 1953 Iran’s Mossadegh was overthrown after he nationalized the nation’s oil/energy resources.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lobotero says:

      Yep. the CIA does its job well… not forget he was popularly elected but that was not good enough for the US….


  4. GM says:

    I had taken for granted that any agreement with the Islamic Republic was bound to be challenged by Jerusalem and the Republican Party. It’s true that the “deal” is so far little more than a verbal promise, but the Lausanne agreement, if implemented and perfected, is potentially a watershed for the Middle East. On the one hand, a bilateral commitment would benefit both, on the other it would inevitably harm Saudi Arabia and, ça va sans dire, Israel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lobotero says:

      I find it amusing that the deal struck is pretty much what Repubs wanted 3 years go and now it is unacceptable……this country gets sillier by the day…..chuq


    2. lobotero says:

      I looks great thanx……should have more next week if that is okay…..

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