Let the Wall define Palestine

My first post as a guest writer for Legationes was going to be one on the situation in Yemen. After the Houthis began their push, some 400 American citizens were trapped within the country with seemingly no way out. However, while I was researching the situation, these people found a way out of Yemen via an Indian freighter, so I had to dash around to find a back-up post…

I had been playing with an idea that could possibly aid the Palestinian people and their search for a state of Palestine: this post is part of those thoughts.

Now that Benjamin Netanyahu has won his election and his true nature has been revealed, maybe it is time for a new plan for the Middle East.  I have seen many proposals to settle the conundrum of the Israeli-Palestinians conflict.

It is beyond time for the Palestinians to have their state, the world has played games with their lives for decades and Israel has been playing most of the games, but now it’s the time for all this to end, time for Palestine to step forward.

Israel is building their “security wall” or, as the rest of us call it, the “apartheid wall”, namely a wall of separation of Israel proper from the lands of the Palestinians or the West Bank. Jerusalem built it to protect itself proper from “terrorist” attacks and, after years of railing against the wall, I think the West ought to help fund its completion.

Israeli West Bank Barrier
Israel’s “Security Fence”, “West Bank Barrier”, is a solid wall along 5% of it’s length. 10 meters high and reinforced concrete by Justin McIntosh [CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]
I know it is an eyesore and Palestinians would feel trapped behind this wall, but if a plan could be generated, it might prove their friend and their ally.

Once completed, the Palestinians need to declare the territory within the wall as the new State of Palestine. Just take a page from modern Israeli history. All residents behind the wall become citizens of Palestine, including the numbers of thieves called ‘settlers’. If they do not want to be citizens, they have six months to remove themselves to the other side of the wall.

Temporary access to the new state should come through Jordan, and the West should assist them with any financial problems this new state would create. Access would change when all parties act like adults  and the chances for violence are minimized.



It’s time for the West to stop giving lip service to a plan that has no chance of happening. Palestinians need to act and do so in their own interests, no one else can do this for them.

Among the member states of the United Nations, for example, 135 countries – representing about 82 percent of world population – officially recognize Palestine as an independent state, versus 50 countries that do not recognize the Palestinian state. In addition, the European nations that have officially given diplomatic recognition to the Palestinian state include Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, Malta, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Sweden and Ukraine.

Israel has never intended to have a State of Palestine next to the state of Israel. Decades ago, Arab leaders told the world that Jerusalem would never allow a two state solution, and Netanyahu has proven them right on all counts: time for the West to realize that they have been played by Israel at every turn.

Secretary Clinton Is Greeted By Israeli President Netanyahu (4993764618)
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is greeted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhahu by U.S. Department of State from United States [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Since Israel is not acting like a responsible player in geopolitics, then there has to be a drastic attempt to do what has been promised by damn near every Western nation. The whole world, but Israel, has said that they want to see a state for the Palestinians, and none have done anything remotely like they would stand by their words.

It is time for the Palestinians to act, the rest of the world has had their chance to do the right thing. If they cannot find the pluck, then the Palestinians must do it on their own.  Let Israeli government complain and moan, then remind them of their own declaration of independence.

I know the wall is a sign of Israeli domination and it is an abortion, but use it against them, take a page out of their playbook. It is obvious that “Bibi” will do nothing to further the peace process: time for the Palestinians to take the lead, get the cooperation of the UN to send peacekeepers to take control of all entry points; time to force Israeli government to act like a participant in civilization; time for that long promised Palestinian state.

I know the structure is a source of contention, it is an eyesore and the Palestinians behind the wall would feel as prisoners as they should, but nothing is written that says they cannot turn it into something positive for the people. Make the wall your best friend, turn something negative into positive. None thinks it will be easy, but I have learned that the Palestinian people are industrious and resilient, and if anyone could turn this into a positive, it will be the Palestinian people.

Please realize that violence will not give you the desire of your homeland, if anything, it will keep delaying the actions needed and Israel can make their weak case of security to the world and succeed.

Of course the media (especially Western media) will not help you in any attempt, but that can be overcome: the Palestinian people are hardworking people and it is time for a change in action, they have more friends than they think.


CHUQ is a political historian and an analyst of international relations. He has spent 30+ years writing, teaching, lecturing and most recently of In Saner Thought.


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